Totem represents some of the different emotions experienced by an artist or a creator of any art form. There are many moments of confidence and ease, other times frustration and even losing sight of the vision. Yet somehow these waves of reflection are what makes the work so sentimental and give power to your work.

Originally spoken about in reference to those who turn a blind eye to evil and a lack of moral responsibility. The concept came from Buddhist monks that brought the expression from India to Japan. We have a duty to ourselves to find our moral compass and follow it, otherwise, what is the point of living if there is nothing to believe in?

Origin ” depict the and reflect the culture heritage of nomadic Masai tribe of Kenya and Tanzania definitely shows how their origin did’nt change despite the development and modernization of the world.

Guhamiriza ‘ was a royal ceremonial traditional dance normally known for intore dance.

This painting is a re-imagination of the Rwandan creation story with an infusion of ancient Greek art styles and inspiration from the iconic ‘The Creation of Adam’ painting by Michelangelo. It tells the story of the origin of the Rwandan Kingdom, where the founding mother dreamt of a nation of one hundred kings and her son was the founder of the Kingdom of Gihanga Ngomijana, now Rwanda. This work is a celebration of African heritage.

Inspired by classic artworks from the Renaissance Period, this painting is a reinterpretation of Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic painting, Mona Lisa, from an African perspective.

This telling artwork was created as an ode to Rwandan heritage and the celebrated Inyambo Cows, a historical symbol of wealth and prosperity in northern Rwanda.

Being significant, the living word am the one to create
the frame of my own art. About every question in my soul
of the truth unfolded, I preach about being roots,
You be the tree.
When the heaven open, painting pictures of paradise and
the speaker in the universe gather by my side.
I am holy figure,the symbol of veneration

The endless sea of light, all hopes in untold language.
My foot prints in the sand of time, drunk of desire and power .greatness of what I can’t see but feel in dark room of my mind full of surprises.
Valley of dreams walking alone, my shadow full of fear
and ability.
Entitled with greatness, rebound on the written lines.

once the sun was in love with the moon, I see my old year’s as my young year’s , all what I do is for my young vision . I use my personal vocabulary to understand my world when I make something , is only half of idea that felling fells real