@Jenna Wessels

Jenna Wessels was born in Johannesburg in 1995 and graduated from Michaelis School of Fine Art majoring in painting. Jenna has participated in group shows with various galleries, with the aim of developing her practice with a freedom for growth beyond the confines of market pressure and gallery representation. Investigating diverse processes, material and images has manifested into a distinctive language through which her authentic voice is articulated. Jenna’s work is driven by the belief that art is a window into the divine. For her, art is a way of accessing not only the divine spark within the individual, but also to gaining access to the ‘unknown’ in the world. A capricious sense of belonging is paralleled with disruptive realities. Source material for Jenna’s work is often pulled from ancient and historical references which have been collected over time. The fantastical imagery and complex structural symbols establish a potential narrative. Fragmentation and repetition of structure symbols serves to establish the essential need for complexity in the quest for authenticity.

Joined in June 1st, 2022