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Unfolding Perspectives 1 of 5

Unfolding Perspectives 1 of 5

10 years ago Marcus Neustetter was creating digital drawings with images fed to him by the South African Sumbandila Satellite, a symbol of hope that, as its Venda name indicated, should "Lead The Way”. With the satellite's onboard computer being damaged a few years later, the artist has been attempting to engage the defunct lonely orbiting ambassador with performances, drawings, films and letter-artworks sent into space. The urge to understand the unknown discoveries of the satellite is a response to the current sate of global uncertainty and a gesture of hope for personal discoveries and direction. Unfolding Perspective is a work that speculates new map-like cross-sections of imaginary terrains in this quest. As Neustetter has been working in the virtual domain as a media artist for the past 25 years, he draws parallels between the explorations of his outer-space perspectives to that of the expanding digital space. The release of digitally manipulated terrain drawings as NFTs is an attempt to map his course into new virtual speculations.

Medium: looped MP4 - Edition of 5.

Unlockable content: Printable image A3-A2 print size with the artists digital stamp ||| ||.

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