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How It Works

How it works


General things to note:

QkweQkwe runs on Polygon Matic – So you need to load Matic into your MetaMask Wallet.

QkweQkwe uses USDC as the crypto currency for transactions.

QkweQkwe.io marketplace functions best on Chrome Browser. When using a smartphone to connect, make sure to use the MetaMask browser in the MetaMask app to access QkweQkwe.io

There is a 7% marketplace fee, of which half gets sent to the DAO fund.

10% Royalty fee that goes directly to the Artist on every sale on the QkweQkwe marketplace.



For Buyers

QkweQkwe is a curated NFT Marketplace. We selected some of the top as well as up-and-coming artist from African origin.

Buying on QkweQkwe ensures you a great personal digital asset, it erase geographical boundaries artists traditionally face and opens a world of unexplored treasures to grow your collection. Every time you invest in a piece of NFT art through QkweQkwe you ensure the artist is earning directly.


How to buy:

  1. Download your MetaMask Wallet
  2. Add Polygon Network to your MetaMask Wallet
  3. Load Matic and USDC into your MetaMask Wallet


Here is how to do all that, STEP by STEP:


  1. Go to metamask.io and download your wallet. Here is a great video to watch to give you a better insight into MetaMask:

Here are some FAQ’s from MetaMask that might help


  1. In order to shop on a polygon network (Matic) you have to add it to your metamask wallet. Here is how to do that:


After you have installed your MetaMask Wallet on your Google Chrome Browser, go to the Dropdown on your wallet.

Select Add Network and enter the following details in your settings menu

– Network Name: Polygon
– New RPC URL: https://polygon-rpc.com/
– Chain ID: 137
– Currency Symbol: 
– Block Explorer URL: 


Click Save

  1. Load Matic and USDC into your wallet

In order to buy and sell on the polygon chain you need matic and for QkweQkwe.io you need the stable coin USDC.

Purchase your crypto through exchange systems like Binance, Coinbase, Luno.


Let’s get Collecting!

  1. Find the Artist/NFT that speaks to you.
  2. Click BUY if it’s a straight out buy – or place your BET if it is a work on auction.
  3. Accept the wallet connecting to QkweQkwe.io
  4. Agree to the Gasfees (fees paid to Ethereum/ Polygon blockchain network for managing the transaction)
  5. You are the proud owner of an original and rare piece of African Art.
  6. You can view your transaction on https://etherscan.io or https://polygonscan.com
    7. You can hold onto your NFT or put it back up for sale on QkweQkwe.io



Please note: If your NFT indicates unlockable content, fill your details in the unlockable content form after successful purchase and we will send you the download link to claim your unlockable gifts.

Please note that only first-sale results in claiming the unlockable content.


For Artist

Please get in contact with us at Curator@QkweQkwe.io if you wish to participate in QkweQkwe.io